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in-company massage

Healthy corporate environments

 Large avant-garde companies like Google , for example, bet on quality of life and activities that manage and reduce the stress of their employees, understanding that jobs that require a certain level of concentration and creativity are not always compatible with stress and "pressure", which often result in low productivity and lower income for the company.
The way employees feel welcomed by the company will have repercussions throughout its organizational culture , resulting in a positive perception of its brand by its customers.
With that in mind, we developed a simple service system, ideal for work environments , such as: coworking spaces, offices, industries and agencies.

main services

Quick massage em empresa - RJ

Quick Massage


The use of quick massage in companies has become very common in recent years. That chair with specific characteristics and very comfortable, for many in a corporate environment, represents a true fuel of energy, motivation and engagement. Its main benefits are highlighted, such as:


  • Relief of muscle tension and pain associated with a sedentary lifestyle, continuous use of computers and repetitive movements.


  • Motivational element in cases of awards or rewards for teams of employees.


  • Excellent way to promote ideas and concepts related to health, well-being, sustainability and safety.


  • practicality in  its implementation  and the  utilization of  relatively small space.


  • Great value for money.


  • Excellent internal marketing tool.

Ginastica laboal em empresa-RJ

Labor gymnastics

With the main objective of preventing diseases related to work activities and encouraging employees to practice physical activities, improving quality of life and maintaining health. Workplace gymnastics are usually performed at the workplace or in a specific place within the company, with an average duration of twenty minutes. 

Massagem itinerante emempresa - RJ

Traveling Massage

Performed by a group of massage therapists who cover various sectors of a company, applying a quick massage to employees in areas commonly affected by stress and inadequate postural habits in work environments, such as: back, hands, arms, shoulder and neck. This type of massage does not require the use of equipment and is applied to the employee at their own workstation. Enabling a greater reach of people and sectors. 

There are three simple ways to pay for our services:

1. The company finances 100% of the value.

2. The company finances 50% and the employees finance the remaining 50%.

3. Employees finance 100% of the value of the services they use.

How can I pay?

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