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 Foot massage at social events

Weddings +Anniversaries + Graduations + Christenings + Baby Showers

The party is booming, everyone having fun but their feet are begging for a break. You've probably been through this, right? Many of your guests too.

Have a cozy corner for foot massage at your party. Your event will certainly be unforgettable.

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How far in advance can I hire the services?


Up to a month in advance.




Do you need any material or specific conditions to offer the service?

All material and furniture will be provided by us, except the decoration of the environment. we just need  of a suitable space, preferably quieter so that the guests can relax.



In addition to foot massage, do you offer other modalities?


Yes, we can offer quick massage and massage  relaxing performed on the stretcher. However, the latter needs a more reserved environment.


How long does the service last and how long do the professionals stay at the event?

Each service lasts approximately 10 minutes. The permanence time of our team is up to five hours. We arrived earlier to assemble and prepare everything.


Do you provide a service agreement?


Yes, we can provide a contract (optional).



Do you get paid by the hour or by the event?


by event.



What is the payment method?


Bank deposit, credit cards  and  ticket.

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